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Regular inspection of your building’s sprinkler system is a must today. More and more court cases are ruling against building owners for improper system maintenance and faulty sprinkler systems. Don’t let it happen to you.

Building officials, fire departments and insurance underwriters are cracking down and enforcing code required inspections of automatic sprinkler systems. The best way to avoid any conflict with these officials is to have a service contract that satisfies their requirements.  

Our highly trained technicians can test, troubleshoot and  repair your fire sprinkler system.  We provide prompt, professional service with emergency calls prioritized for immediate assistance.  All of our testing and repair procedures conform to the latest edition of the NFPA 13 & 25.

For additional information on fire sprinkler service or other related fire protection service please complete our  Request Form and a team member will contact you.  


Fire Sprinkler Systems Service

Service on your fire sprinkler system is just a phone call away when you contact GPS Fire Equipment. We have fire sprinkler specialists in the design, installation, testing and overall maintenance of your fire sprinkler system.

We offer annual fire pump performance tests, back flow testing, hydro-static pressure testing on underground and standpipe systems and trip testing of pre-action and dry valve systems.

All of our service as well as equipment and its installation meet NFPA, NAFED, FM/UL, NFSA and OSHA standards.

Our services include:

bullet Inspection of sprinklers to ensure that they are in working order and not damaged or obstructed.
bullet Inspection of piping and hangers, including seismic bracing.
bullet Gauge check on all equipment to ensure they are working properly.
bullet Inspection of wet pipe systems to ensure they will not freeze in colder months.
bullet Inspection of alarm valves to ensure they are not damaged.
bullet Reserve supply check on sprinklers and head wrenches.
bullet Required water flow tests.
bullet All devices tagged and a report generated for your records.
bullet A copy of the inspection report outlining the inspection results and any deficiencies.


Outlined below are the guidelines that must be followed by owners, occupants, management firms and/or managing individuals:
   4.1.2. “The responsibility for properly maintaining a water based fire protection system shall be that of the owner of the property.” “Where the owner is not the occupant, the owner shall be permitted to pass on the authority for inspection…To the occupant, management firm or managing individuals.  “Where sprinklers have been in service for 50 years, they shall be replaced…” “An annual test of the fire pump assembly shall be conducted…” “Systems where the sole water supply is through a backflow preventer and /or pressure reducing valves, the main drain test of at least one system downstream of the device shall be conducted on a quarterly basis.”
12.2.7. “All water-flow alarms shall be tested quarterly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.” “Gauges shall be replaced every five years…” “Each control valve shall be operated annually through its full range and returned to its normal position.”  “The interior of the dry pipe valve shall be trip tested annually during warm weather.” “All backflow preventers installed in fire protection system piping shall be tested annually….

These are mandatory inspections from the fire and building departments. Without regular inspections, many insurance companies will void coverage.

Request Fire Sprinkler System Information

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